Asceny was born in 2019 in Tel-Aviv, Israel, with the mission to make great gaming peripherals at more accessible prices. By disrupting the old school gaming industry model, we invest all our efforts and money into the product, and not into marketing.

With the development of E-sports in the past century, many big brands took advantage of the evolving market, and threw money in to advertising. While they all have done a spectacular job developing and creating amazing peripherals, their main expense was never the development of the products or their quality ; it was and still is, the marketing.

This has helped to develop the sport that we all love, allowing professional players to compete for a bigger prize-pool. but since they spend a lot of money in order to reach their audience, they are forced to raise the price of their products in order to maintain profits.

Our goal at Asceny was never to re-invent the wheel. Our goal is to create peripherals which stand in line with the best of the best, and keep the expenses on the products.

We promise to continue to pursue our mission , and hope to have you on our side!