The Asceny mechanical keyboard cable

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Why us?

As keyboard enthusiasts, we know how hard it is to find a good quality custom cable. While there are some amazing individuals out there who assemble and make amazing cables themselves, the custom keyboards industry has grew tremendously lately, and along with it grew the wait times, we are here to change that.

But how?

By taking custom keyboard cables to mass production, we are able to offer a high quality & consistent product. For about fourth of the price you would have to pay anywhere else. And we ship them super-fast with Amazon.

Asceny doubled sleeved custom mechanical keyboard cable in aqua
Asceny doubled sleeved custom mechanical keyboard cable in pink
Asceny doubled sleeved custom mechanical keyboard cable in white

What does it include?

Inside the package you will find three different cables, but you only have to use two of them in order to connect your keyboard to the PC. We wanted you to have extra cable so that you have the option to switch between USB-C and USB-MINI. Which means that our cable will most likely fit your future builds and last for years to come.

Asceny custom mechanical keyboard cable’s options

We also wanted to include something unique, so we decided to include a small animal cable eater. Don’t worry, it is attachable, so if you are not into that, you don’t have to use it. Each cable comes with an animal fitting it’s color.

Asceny custom mechanical keyboard cable animals

Our cables are currently available here :